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US VETS Houston

Every donation helps win the war on homelessness.

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In Houston, TX, approximately 4,000 veterans will not have a place to call home.  United States Veterans Initiative provides support services and transitional housing to homeless veterans.  We provide these services through outreach, case management, and job development and placement.  Our goal is to make available the tools necessary to reintegrate homeless veterans into independent living.  We currently provide housing and services for veterans in 9 cities across the country.  Tonight, 163 formerly homeless veterans will be in a U.S. VETS facility in Houston, Texas. 


As the demand for services and the number of homeless veterans increase, we have to expand our services.  Therefore we are asking for your help in the way of a financial contribution.  We have levels of giving, (Gold: $5,000; Silver: $2,500; Bronze: $1,000) but any amount will help us greatly.  Contributions like yours will make it possible for United States Veterans Initiative to continue to provide a safe, sober, affordable place for once homeless veterans to call home. At our facilities, veterans can get emotional and psychological support and the employment assistance necessary to stabilize themselves, and begin to take on the financial responsibility that will raise their sense of independence and self-esteem.


Diminished government funding and the new welfare laws have created a challenge for all of us. We have been working very hard to add necessary services to our program, and to expand our model to other cities. We are concerned, as you are, about helping veterans who are in need, and about strengthening our communities. With continued support, we are hopeful that our effort will allow homeless veterans to break the cycle of homelessness, and once again become productive citizens.


We invite you to come visit our facility and see the results of your generosity in the lives of these men and women who spent a portion of their young adult years in service to our country.





Anthony Love

Site Director

United States Veterans Initiative


Thank you for your support!