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US VETS Houston
Program FAQ's


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1.  Where are you located?
The DeGeorge is located at 1418 Preston, Houston, Texas  77002
Midtown Terrace Suites is located at 4640 Main, Houston, Texas  77002
2.  Are your program services for veterans only?
Yes.  Our mission is the successful reintergration of homeless vets.  Some of our grants specify we may only provide services to homeless vets.
3.  What is the difference between the VIP and SILS Programs?
The Veterans in Progress (VIP) Program is designed for those veterans who will re-enter the workforce.  VIP particiapnts have 90 days to obtain gainful employment.  They are assigned a case manager and a job coach. 
The Social Independent Living Skills (SILS) Program is designed for those veterans on a fixed income who are receiving pensions, disability, SSDI, etc, and are not returning to the workforce.
Both Programs require the veteran to have 120 days of documented sobriety and remain drug and alcohol free.
4.  If I am already working or in the SILS Program, do I still have to register with the employment center?
Yes.  All veterans must be registered with the career center in order to access the phone bank, copier / fax, online computer lab, employment workshops, job coaches, and job developers.  The career center provides the for those in the VIP Program to upgrade their jobs, and to be a learning resource center for veterans in the SILS Program.   

Thank you for your support.