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Employment center eligibility


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HVEC Documentation Requirements


To start the process of registering for service at the Houston Veterans Employment Center you must have the following documentation:


1.    A VA card


2.    A valid Dl or ID


3.    A social security card


4.    A dd 214


Candidates who do not have a DD 214 can use a Letter of Service temporarily.  You can obtain this letter from:


The Harris County Veterans Services (located at 1310 Prairie, tenth floor, Suite  1000)




The letter can be obtained at any of the Veterans Affairs offices located around Houston.


5.    documentation of Homlessness

If the candidate is currently living at any type of residential facility, a dated and signed statement letter of homelessness ( on that facilitys letterhead ) must be provided.  If this letter does not meet the programs requirements (or the candidate does not have a current residence), then a referral written from an outreach person must be provided.


6.    docUmentation of sobriety

All candidates must verify a minimum of 30 days current sobriety.  If the candidate is in a treatment program a dated and signed letter from that program, on their letterhead, must be provided.  If client has never had a substance abuse problem or it has been a long period since they were in a program; a SASSI test will be scheduled.


Only after all of this documentation is completed will the Registration Process may begin.           



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                                                                              Updated  3/3/04

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